Anastasia Isaeva

Web Developer

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About Me

Hello! My name is Anastasia Isaeva, I am a student at the Volunteer Community College of Tennessee. Originally, I'm from Russia. My major is Computer Information Technology, Programming. This site is my portfolio, where are collected examples of projects that I have done and doing in the learning process. So far, I have studied programming languages such as: HTML and CSS, Python, and C#. I am in the learning process of JavaScript, SQL, and React. When I am building my knowledge and skills, I rely not only on the college curriculum, but also on online platforms like FreeCodeCamp and Udacity.

Programming is not my only interest, in my free time from school and family I devote to photography, martial arts and baking. Photography gives the skill to see the beauty in the imperfect and the flaws in the ideal. Taekwondo trains not only the body, but the mind, teaching patience and the ability to focus on goals. Baking is somewhat similar to programming, the recipe is like the syntax and rules, you can follow a strict recipe, or you can create something new based on your knowledge.

I want to build a good career in web design and do my best!